The project


EUROEMPLEO is an innovative experience in relation to the labor incorporation of the group of people with mental illness and / or Drug addictions that aims to facilitate the process of social and labor recovery of this group. ¿How?

-By promoting positive attitudes in the business, health and general population that favor the employment of these people.

-Strengthening psychosocial programs related to employment in the mental health system with the consequent improvement of the results of these services (decrease in number of hospitalizations and days of admission, use of psychotropic drugs).

-Also, generating strategies of follow-up and support that allow an adequate labor insertion of the participants and the maintenance and improvement of their work activity.

The Euroempleo Project arises within the framework of the Operational Program of the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND 2014-2020 for the Region of Murcia within the Specific Objective 9.1.1 «Development of inclusive labor markets for groups with special difficulties of socio-labor insertion, promoting itineraries of insertion, The social responsibility of companies in this area and seeking the appropriate support and accompanying measures, taking into account the gender perspective. «




The EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND (ESF) invests in your future

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Advantages for your company




The labor insertion is an instrument to achieve the full social integration of the person

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Support for labor integration

The integration of people with mental illness and / or drug dependence is the ultimate goal of this project. The benefits of this integration on both the participants and the companies where this integration takes place are demonstrated both by scientific evidence and by different experiences at national and international level. To ensure the success of this proposal it is necessary:





People with mental illness and / or drug addicts can work and is beneficial to their health

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