To contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of this project, the following typology of actions is proposed, among others:

  • To guarantee in each health area the orientation, pre-employment training, job search and follow-up and support in the workplace: Through the hiring of specific personnel in each Health Area for the development of these functions.
  • Training of the personnel participating in the programs of employability and of the professionals and agents who are part of the the process of labor insertion. It helps companies, non-profit entities and local corporations to hire people from this group.
  • Support for business projects / Employment generation initiatives: CEE, EI, Aid for training in companies, local entities and non-profit organizations.
  • Research and dissemination activities.
  • Awareness-raising actions for companies, social agents, local entities and non-profit organizations for the development of social responsibility.
  • Exchange of experience at transnational level.
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