To whom is it directed?

To persons with severe mental illnesses in the process of recovery, users of Mental Health services, who show willingness to work and present the conditions of motivation and personal perspectives (experiences, desires and preferences) necessary for the proper development of their work activity.


In terms of job creation the objective is to recruit 560 people with mental illness or drug addiction, guaranteeing a 45% insertion six months after entering the project.

For the fulfillment of the General Objective described above and the objective of job creation, a series of Specific Objectives are proposed:

– A first objective is the action against the existing barriers to access to employment of this group, both in the health, business and general population, helping to generate an attitude in line with the recovery model that focuses on the promotion of the autonomy and responsibility of the person, with an individualized approach and an attention based on respect and hope.

– A second objective is the implementation of a network that:

  • Facilitate access to job training and employment.
  • Develop individualized itineraries of insertion.
  • Consolidate a wide range of training and employment resources in each area.
  • Ensure accompaniment and flexible and continuous support during the insertion process and in the workplace.
  • Establish coordination mechanisms between health devices, social resources and entities in relation to employment, which ensure the smooth development of each process.

– A third objective is to develop the evaluation and research strategies.

– A fourth objective is the need to coordinate the actions of the different institutions (from associations of entrepreneurs, organizations of the third level, local corporations, Services Social, SEF, INFO …) that have to do with access to the employment and its maintenance.


The Project is funded 90% by the European Social Fund with a funding of € 5,222,222.22. And 10% for the Murciano Health Service with an endowment of 200,000 € / year.

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