Social image and improvement of the reputation of the company

EUROEMPLEO MENTAL HEALTH offers companies the possibility of acquiring a socially proactive attitude, linking all the interest groups of the company: employees, clients local community, city councils, etc. In this way, it generates a better reputation of the company.

Both customers and suppliers or the town or city where the company is located will see how the company is giving opportunities to groups with difficulties; Is offering the possibility to people with problems to overcome and return to feel useful for their family and society. The support of the company to groups such as people with mental illness and / or drug dependence can reinforce the idea that companies should dedicate themselves to obtaining benefits, but that these can be achieved in many ways, and one of them is generating positive social impacts on the lives of people interacting with the company. Thus, the company improves its image and reputation with customers, environment and society in general. In short, the success of a company has multiple factors, but both scientific studies and many real experiences have demonstrated that worker motivation, improvement in the image and reputation of the company leads to an improvement of the competitiveness of the company. And this is what companies can get hiring people with mental illness and / or drug addiction.

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