Subsidized contracts and other economic benefits for your company

Under the EUROEMPLEO MENTAL HEALTH project, a series of subsidies are directed to companies, local corporations and non-profit entities located in the Region of Murcia, with the aim of collaborating in the financing of the costs arising from the recruitment and Other measures of labor insertion of people with mental illness and / or drug dependence in the process of recovery.

The amount of the aid will correspond to a fixed amount, to be determined in each call, which may reach a percentage of the Minimum Wage Interprofessional and the corresponding employer’s social security contribution, in cases in which it is not subsidized:


With regard to the State as a whole, and in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčintegration, the Law on the Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities determines the obligation for companies with more than 50 employees to have 2% of their employees With some disability.

In this case, the employer benefits from the exemption in the payment of the social security contributions of the person hired. Likewise, for groups with special difficulties, depending on their condition (long-term unemployed, young people under 25 or disadvantaged due to socio-economic issues), the employment promotion decrees issued each year by public employment services establish, in each Case, the advantages in the contracting or the discount in the quotas of the Social Security. In addition, the administrations of regional or local scope can increase this type of advantages with others that complement them. For more detailed information, you can consult the bonuses for labor recruitment.

On the other hand, the Employment Institutes of the different autonomous administrations develop employment promotion plans for several specific groups in situation or risk of social exclusion. If you want more personalized information, you can get closer to the entity of your territory.

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