Visit of co-reponsors of Euroempleo Mental Health Project to Area IV-Northwest Region of Murcia

On Friday, September 23, Luis López Sánchez and Julio Cesar Martín, co-heads of the Euroempleo Mental Health project, visited Area IV – Noroeste, from the Network of Mental Health Centers of the Region of Murcia, to present the project to professionals Of the units of Adults, Children and Youth, Drug addiction and Rehabilitation.

The Mental Health Center in this area is located in Caravaca de la Cruz and covers the municipalities of Bullas, Calasparra, Barranda, Caravaca de la Cruz, Cehegín and Moratalla. This action is part of a series of presentations that are carried out in the 9 areas of mental health centers in the Region of Murcia.

Posted on 23 septiembre, 2016 in Noticias

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